CCPA Rights
Last Updated: January 28, 2020
Do not sell my personal information – For California Residents Only
This form is for California residents only.  If you are not a resident of California, please review our Privacy Policy for more information about your choices regarding the personal information we collect about you and how to contact us.
Stericycle takes your privacy very seriously and is generally not in the business of selling personal information.  There may, however, be limited circumstances where we share personal information in a manner that may be considered a “sale” as defined under California law.
If you are a California resident and would like to submit a California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) Consumer Request, please send an email to and include the following information:
•    Type of Request:
•    Do not sell my personal information
•    Request to know (Access)
•    Delete my information
•    First Name (Required)
•    Last Name (Required)
•    Email Address (Required)
•    Confirm Email Address (Required)
•    Business Phone Number (Optional)
•    State (Required)
This will enable you to exercise your privacy rights (where applicable), as well as direct Stericycle to refrain from selling personal information associated with you in the future, in accordance with California law.  Upon receipt, we will send a confirmation email in return.  For Stericycle to process your request, you will need to respond to our confirmation email.
You may also call us at (866) 783-7422 (toll free) to submit your request.
Note:  This is not a request to unsubscribe from marketing communications.